sustainability Review

An initial look across the business to sense check current practice in areas such as energy efficiency, procurement, transportation and waste management and to make recommendations for improvements.

Business case for change

Once sustainability initiatives have been identified, providing a more in-depth assessment to ensure they are feasible for your business; for example, upfront cost versus payback period and potential benefits.

Sustainability strategy

Developing a sustainability strategy and plan of action tailored to your business, including a realistic time frame, measurable targets and setting key performance indicators.

Establishing a Baseline

Looking at historic data or conducting audits to accurately measure what resource the business is using prior to making improvements. Ensuring your business has robust data monitoring systems in place to measure success against targets going forward.

Project Management

Project management of the whole change process or specific initiatives, using Accredited Project Manager (APM) approved methods to deliver projects to time, budget and quality.

Ad Hoc sustainability advice

Advice to businesses as and when required to find solutions to issues as they arise. Or regular attendance at eco-committee meetings for example.


Developing sustainability reports, social media, press,
case studies and web content to ensure your green
achievements are recognised and celebrated.

bid writing assistance

To provide help gaining access to funding for sustainability initiatives.