“When talking to Tammy about all issues regarding sustainability, it doesn’t take long to realise that she has an extraordinarly wide-ranging scope of knowledge, supported by her 20 years working in this field. She offered us constructive suggestions and informed advice on a whole spectrum of issues that have been proving difficult for us to overcome, and I thoroughly recommend her services to any company who would want guidance on how to lessen their negative impact on the planet and move towards making positive environmental change.”

Tamara Battle

Nicholsons Nursery

Green Savvy provided us with waste management expertise. Following a review they recommended that we look to improve how waste was handled at our campsite and at our restaurant.  At our campsite they helped us set up a clearly labelled waste station and an easy to follow recycling procedure for guests. At our restaurant Green Savvy worked with staff to firstly identify where food waste was arising and then to implement simple measures to reduce this waste, cutting both our food and waste management costs. Much of the food served in the restaurant is locally sourced, Green Savvy helped us communicate this effectively to customers, prompting many positive comments and we feel enhancing customer loyalty.

We would thoroughly recommend Green Savvy, they were really professional and provided many innovative ideas that have benefitted our business.

Tim and Rebecca Catlin

“We began working working with Tammy Marrett of Green Savvy earlier this year.  Having made a bold statement that we want to be Carbon Neutral by 2030, we needed a Sustainability Review of Jennings’ Monument Business Park in Chalgrove. We’re at the early stages of our journey, and it can sometimes feel as though we have a mountain to climb but we’ve already been encouraged and bolstered by Tammy’s experience, confidence and support.  The report she has written for us has insight & clarity and offers reassurance that we can do this!  She’s given useful recommendations and links to organisations that can help us along the way too. We’re very happy to recommend Tammy and look forward to working with her through the rest of this process.”

Chris Williams, Commercial Manager

‘Green Savvy are helping us on a range of carbon reduction initiatives around greener travel. They have been responsive, easy to work with and have delivered quality work. The initiative has involved setting up procedures, engaging stakeholders and delivering communications work to launch the schemes and promote green travel options within the council.’

Sarah Gilbert, Energy Strategy Manager